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So Zen Box Quarterly Subscription

How good does it feel to get the “good mail?’ Not the bills or the stressors but the random cards or letters that show up unexpectedly and remind you just how much you loved that feeling when you were younger.

Well, here at So Zen Box, we wanted more of that. And we wanted it for you and we wanted it for the people we love.

If you struggle to find time for yourself, ways to treat yourself or to prioritize self-care, here’s all the permission you need - for you or someone you care about.

Whether you’re supporting your own wellness or someone else’s, you’re also purchasing earth-friendly products manufactured by small, black-owned businesses across the USA andinvesting in our company’s growth. When you support local businesses, the money stays with the community and that is a big deal right now and forevermore.

Although we hope you won’t, you can always cancel any time.

In Kindness,

Sarah Fox,

Founder, Single Mom & Friend

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